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Breathe. Relax. Your arduous search for an agency you can trust to make a meaningful impact on your business is nearly over. Blue Bear Media are here to take you by the hand & help you navigate the complex digital marketing landscape that can leave most people overwhelmed & confused.

Our raison d’etre is quite simple: to help SMEs – whether start ups or established players – generate a tsunami of new customers in the most affordable & cost effective way by using a scientific approach guided by raw data – because the numbers never lie. This way we can restack the odds in your favour & finally lead you to the promised land of predictable & consistent business growth.

This Is What We Do

Paid Search Advertising (PPC)

Businesses looking for IMMEDIATE enquiries, qualified leads & new paying customers need to use PPC. No time wasting. No trial & error. PPC delivers laser targeted instant traffic & turning them into paying customers.

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Paid Social Advertising

Businesses looking for better brand credibility & awareness of their products & services and improved engagement with the correct audience resulting in increased traffic to their website should consider using paid social ads.

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Email Marketing

You need to make direct contact with key decision makers at companies that are best suited to your products or services but you don’t know how to. Say hello to email marketing.

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So you want your business to rank above your competitors on Google putting it at the forefront of your target audience & you’re prepared to take a long-term view on it. SEO is the ideal tool.

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Web Design & Development

As a business owner you need a website that is aesthetically attractive whilst having the functionality that prompts visitors to your site to take affirmative action resulting in them becoming paying customers.

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Social Media Management

It’s said word-of-mouth marketing is the most powerful form of marketing. At Blue Bear Media we believe a well managed social media campaign can turbo charge this by amplifying your brand’s reach on social platforms that best reflect your values leading to more meaningful engagement with your desired target audience.

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Video Production

Videos speak much louder than the written word which is why over 70% of the internet’s traffic consumes video content. Corporates & innovative brands are all waking up to the sheer potential of translating their USP’s through the popular medium of video BUT the challenge has always been how.

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Nation Branding

A nation’s global optics & perception matter more than ever, especially in this 24/7 digital world we live in. Just like a brand, a country’s image needs to be engineered & crafted in such a way as to move people & investors to look deeper.

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We believe digital marketing should be better. Better on your desired outcomes. Put to better use throughout your business. Better on your pocket. Just better all round really. That’s why we started Blue Bear Media. Everything we do at Blue Bear Media is designed to make our customers’ lives better.


See us as your trusted partner in driving accelerated growth & consistency to your business by creating digital campaigns that are bigger, bolder, braver and better.