Not Just A Digital Agency. An Engine for Growth.

About us

At Blue Bear Media, we set out to make a meaningful impact on businesses that lack the expertise, knowledge & deep pockets to navigate the choppy waters of digital marketing. The fact that you have a product or service that can make a difference to your target audience but are unable to connect with them is an irritation we resonate with.

We came to the conclusion that it’s about working smarter with the assets you have as opposed to just spending more time & money than your competitors – a recipe for disaster.

So after many years of trial & error, we finally distilled the core strategies that would generate meaningful growth at an affordable level. By combining deep analytics with unrivalled creativity, we began to witness a consistent pattern of transformative change in the most cost effective way – the Holy Grail of marketing some might say!

We like to boast that we are like Chameleons

Adapting to the client’s culture, profile & vision rather than them having to adjust to ours. Once we get to know you better, only then can we make a difference.

Hardwired to Data, Creativity & Outcomes

Our North Star, our guiding light, is the data we extract from the Internet. By applying a scientific approach combined with industry leading creatives, we are consistently able to deliver outcomes that will surpass your expectations, which is why companies choose us not to help them tow the industry line, but to release them from the pack, delivering fresh, exciting campaigns capable of disrupting the status quo and challenging lifestyle brands when it comes to fresh-thinking and innovation.

About Us At A Glance

We’ve worked with around 300 small & medium sized businesses over the past 6 years.

Small but nimble is our motto. It means we can all work on your account, to assure you of our best work. From designers & content creators to growth strategists & data analysts, we have the perfect mix of skills & expertise to deliver consistent growth outcomes for our clients.

Our HQ is in the UK, but we also have associates based in the EU.

Although 90% of our clients are based in the UK, we have worked with clients in the UAE & USA & are aiming to broaden our international scope even further in the coming years