Email Marketing

The strategy that just keeps on giving – directly target your business to the people who actually want to know about it. It’s been around for ages & some might dismiss it as an outdated form of marketing but email marketing is still considered the most cost-effective way to retain existing customers and to attract new clients to your business.

What can email marketing help you achieve?

Generate more B2B leads and sales

Lowest customer acquisition cost

Rapid results

Get a great ROI with Email Marketing

From a pure ROI perspective, email marketing offers you one of the highest because it can guarantee leads to your inbox right away.

It’s notoriously difficult for SMEs to connect with prospective B2B customers. At Blue Bear Media we circumvent this by using a proven software to guarantee maximum email deliverability as well as GDPR compliancy. By producing relevant content that’s sure to peak your prospects’ interest, we’re able to generate lists of B2B prospects who are genuinely interested in your offering. Best of all, the typical lead time for such campaigns is much shorter than other digital marketing tools.

Take the Blue Bear Media 120 Days Challenge

Most digital marketing agencies lock clients into a “straight jacket” type of contract i.e. 12 months regardless of what results are achieved. We think this is ethically wrong. At Blue Bear Media we first like to prove we’re actually capable of delivering above average returns before asking our clients to commit to a long term contract. Which is why we ask prospective clients to take our 120 days challenge.

Give us 4 months & we’ll strive to show you a clear return on your investment. It’s that simple. Because we run email marketing campaigns on a daily basis generating over 1,300 leads per day for our clients, we have garnered valuable experience and proven data on best-practices regarding copy, subject lines, targeting and spam filtering. It’s only until you begin to see the tangible results in the form of consistent quality leads will you be ready to commit to a long term contract… they say, the proof is in the pudding.

Our Methodology

Targeting & List Building

You tell us exactly who you want to target, whether it’s by title, location, industry or something else. Multiple campaigns can target different prospects. We then put our unique algorithms to work to generate a custom list of Prospects fitting your criteria.

Content Workshop

It’s important for us to understand your business in detail, specifically your selling points and USPs and a content and strategy workshop is a perfect way for us to get up to speed. Our expert copywriters then go off and craft content that will engage your target market.

Software Stack

Our in-house email automation software enables us to send your emails out at scale and land directly in inboxes rather than Spam folders. We term our system ‘single thread email marketing’ because your prospects receive a targeted approach and a further 2-4 follow-ups which are sent through the same email chain making it look as if you are doing the emailing yourself. Open and response rates are way higher than traditional email marketing. We are the only Email Marketing Agency to combine different software to provide such a seamless experience for our Customers.

Lead Handling

All emails are sent from a special domain/email address with your name and company making it look like an authentic inquiry. This means all you have to do is receive responses and close the leads. Because the emails we send are supposedly from you, all prospects will expect your call!