Nation Branding

Accelerating Growth for Ambitious Countries

Nation branding is a strategy used to positively influence others’ perceptions of a country. Specific attributes of a country are highlighted, thereby increasing the likelihood of attracting talent, exports, foreign direct investment (FDI) and tourism.

This is essential in today’s highly competitive world, in which a unique and competitive country identity must be built and strengthened. This identity must portray a nation as an attractive destination in all areas.

Thus, it is important to note that Nation Branding is much more than a graphic design. It is a symbol of what a nation is.

Creating a Calling Card for Attracting more FDI

At Blue Bear Media, we bring together a talented team of branding experts who know precisely how to showcase the best that a nation has to offer & present it in a dynamic way to a discerning global audience. We aim to combine the benefits of both analogue & digital platforms to deliver a bigger, bolder, braver and better message of your country on to the world stage.

Blue Bear Media is one of the most progressive nation branding agencies, having worked for some of the fastest growing and most innovative economies in the world; like Indonesia (which attracted US$8.4 billion in FDI in 2017), as well as Mexico.

Ever since we launched back in 1996, we’ve challenged traditional approaches, putting results, data and innovation at the core of our model while always delivering knock-out content through our in-house creative nation branding team. The global investment audience of the twenty first century now has the option to engage with brands via a variety of touch points: digital platforms like websites/social media/ documentaries/ AR or analogue platforms like trade/road shows/coffee table books etc

Our Nation Branding Products at a Glance

A Multi Channel Fully Integrated Digital Platform

Social Media Management, Targeted Paid Search & Social Advertising, Website design

AR (Augmented Reality) enabled Economy Book

А richly illustrated in depth profile on a nation’s core assets, growth plans, capabilities, success stories and case studies using AR to create an immersive experience resulting in an unprecedented level of interaction & education for readers

Global Distribution of Economy Book

Investment Banks, Private Equity Houses, Sovereign wealth Funds, Hedge Funds, NGO’s etc

Multi City Road Show

Book promotion tour in several key international cities with VIPs, Captains of Industry, political top brass & local media in attendance

Documentary Production

Producing, made for streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon, Apple & Hulu, the documentaries will help promote a nation’s cultural, economic, social & historical heritage. Leading UK based TV production companies will create the script & narrative to deliver powerful thought provoking documentaries for a global audience with the direct purpose to attract business as well as tourism.