Search Engine Optimisation

Securing top positions on search engines for businesses is important but so is also securing a return on investment. At Blue Bear Media we see SEO as a means to grow your business by driving the attention of your prospective customers to your doorstep. We achieve this by bringing together algorithm competence, creative content and relevant quality backlinks to position brands where they belong in organic search results.

What can SEO help you achieve?

Generate more leads and sales

Improve brand awareness

Increase market share

Help enter new markets

Our Approach

SEO is more than simply working out the best way to increase organic search rankings each month. It is about understanding how your users behave online, based on what search queries they use, what devices they browse and where they are.

We do not provide a “one type fits all” solution. Instead we carefully study your precise needs and determine exactly what’s required. As your SEO agency we will always include:

  • Keyword research backed with search trend analysis
  • Full site audits
  • Creative content creation
  • Outreach
  • Full monthly reports detailing successes and actions moving forward and analysis of results

Take the Blue Bear Media 90 Days Challenge

Most digital marketing agencies lock clients into a “straight jacket” type of contract i.e. 12 months regardless of what results are achieved. We think this is ethically wrong. At Blue Bear Media we first like to prove we’re actually capable of delivering above average returns before asking our clients to commit to a long term contract. Which is why we ask prospective clients to take our 90 days challenge.

Give us 6 months & we’ll strive to show you a clear return on your investment. It’s that simple. Because we manage SEO campaigns on a daily basis, we have garnered valuable experience and proven data on best-practices regarding copy, headlines, and keywords. It’s only by consistently testing all aspects of the SEO campaign that we can demonstrate the improvements during this 3 month pilot & be absolutely certain that our SEO campaign will yield ROI + results. And only until you begin to see the tangible results in the form of improved rankings will you be ready to commit to a long term contract… they say, the proof is in the pudding.

Our Methodology

SEO Audit

Our Search Engine Optimisation Audits identify opportunities and issues; we examine technical, on-page and off-page elements, delivering SEO answers about your online presence.

Keyword & Competitor Research

By using advanced keyword research software and manual research, we have the ability to find out how many people are searching for your services, how high your competitors are in comparison and where you are currently ranking. We use this data to help us develop a strategy to help you rank as high as possible within the constraints of your budget.

SEO Strategy

We develop a Search Engine Optimisation strategy & map the tactics into an executable plan which is essential for your online success. Your business certainly needs quality SEO services that can take on the competition and win.

Technical SEO Optimisation

Technical SEO is a crucial part of what we do. Before you invest in any marketing activities it’s important to ensure that your website is technically perfect & fits all Google recommendations. Let us help you do that.

Onsite SEO Optimisation

We analyse your website’s structure, internal architecture & other key elements that are important for the search engines algorithms and optimise them in the best possible way.

Quality Link Building

Link building is still a fundamental signal used by Google. Today Link Building combines smart content marketing & PR strategies.

Monthly Reporting

Our in-house tools analyse the website’s performance on an on-going basis, so we can be sure you are progressing up the Google Rankings. All of our clients receive regular communication by phone, email, meetings and an easy-to-read monthly report.