Social Media Management

There was a time when not having a website for your business was considered a cardinal sin. The same now applies to social media. But the challenge most SME’s face is not only managing this fiendishly complex beast but getting the best out of it to grow your business.

What can Social Media Marketing help you achieve?

Generate sales and leads

Build your authority & trust online

Increase audience engagement

Be found and be remembered

Social Media Management Is Great

At Blue Bear Media our social media team works closely with our SEO and Paid Media desks to deliver unique, engaging and optimised content across channels and mediums.

Rather than post trite content, we create original content that has a clear purpose & meaning and delivers on business and marketing objectives. Our content sits in the sweet spot between being appealing to the target audience, of value to the brand, and category-leading creative.

From community management to analysis and reporting, we offer full-service social media management, which ensures round-the-clock monitoring, crisis management and reactive opportunity appraisal.

Take the Blue Bear Media 120 Days Challenge

Most digital marketing agencies lock clients into a “straight jacket” type of contract i.e. 12 months regardless of what results are achieved. We think this is ethically wrong. At Blue Bear Media we first like to prove we’re actually capable of delivering above average returns before asking our clients to commit to a long term contract. Which is why we ask prospective clients to take our 120 days challenge.

Give us 4 months & we’ll strive to show you a clear return on your investment. It’s that simple. Because we manage search advertising campaigns on a daily basis, we have garnered valuable experience and proven data on best-practices regarding copy, headlines, and keywords. It’s only by consistently conducting A/B split tests, conversion optimisation and retargeting campaigns we can be absolutely certain that our paid social ad campaign will yield ROI + results. And only until you begin to see the tangible results in the form of new business will you be ready to commit to a long term contract… they say, the proof is in the pudding.

Our Methodology

Facebook Advertising Strategy Development

The first step we do when launching a Facebook advertising campaign is research. Everything starts with a kick-off call. Our experts will learn more about your business through the call. In addition, we’ll perform detailed research. The Facebook ads specialists will use the information to develop the most appropriate strategy for your business.

Facebook Ad Development

We’ll begin developing your Facebook advertisements. Our experts will write the copy, the headlines & the descriptions of your ads. We’ll include the appropriate graphics in order to attract the right customers to you.

Facebook Ad Testing

After launching your campaign, we’ll monitor & analyse it. As time progresses, we’ll determine which ads perform better. Our specialists will analyse the performance data and will make the needed changes to the campaign in order to increase its effectiveness.

Facebook Ad Monitoring

One big plus of letting a digital marketing agency run your Facebook ads campaign is that you can rely on experts to monitor & optimise the campaign. We’ll work within your budget & strive to deliver premium services.

Facebook Ad Reporting

You’ll receive a personalized & detailed report on a monthly basis. The report will contain your results & more information about your running Facebook campaign. Also, you can talk to one of our experts on a monthly basis to ensure everything is going smoothly.

Ultra Targeting

The best bit about advertising on Facebook is the scope for demographic, behavioural and interest targeting. On Facebook you can target an ad to males aged 18 in West Bromwich who like crowd surfing and culinary art. The trick is to make sure you test various potential audiences you think would be interested in your business and let the data show you which specific attributes really lead to a new customer.