The People Behind Blue Bear Media

Digital experts that understand business

Blue Bear Media was founded by Ali Husain & Samina Qureshi Husain in 2013 after many years of cutting their teeth & sharpening their skills in the global sales & marketing consultancy industry advising both the private & public sectors on macro scale projects.

A core part of their expertise was advising a number of emerging market economies & their respective Governments in formulating & executing nation branding strategies that would invariably result in attracting FDI.

It was only after the launch of the first iPhone & subsequent app store in 2007 that they both realised there was going to be a paradigm & seismic shift in the way the global community would engage with brands. This led them to immerse themselves into the world of digital marketing – consulting & advising brands on how best to harness & leverage digital strategies that would deliver tangible ROI+ outcomes

Having had the opportunity to work on both the global as well as local business stage, Samina & Ali have procured the rare ability to intuitively connect the dots & synthesise a brand’s value into a marketable solution that translates into paying customers.

We also work with Europe’s top Freelance Digital Marketing Experts

Blue Bear Media understands the value of the gig economy, especially for businesses in niche areas, multiple markets or who just need very unique services. By partnering with the best marketing gurus, we can be sure that we always have the skillset required for any project or campaign.